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Global Big Data Summit 2012 / 2013 And International Joint Venture Delegation

Global Big Data Summit 2012 / 2013
International Joint Venture Delegation
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You are cordially invited to attend the event.
  • We are planning to organize the Global Big Data Summit in many metropolises in USA and in many countries and continents around the world.
  • If you are interested in being the host or co-organizer or sponsor for any location or locations of your choice, please send your or your company experience and track record in conference, summit or international business delegations, along with your contact details.
  • If you are a big data experts in strategy, technology, business, marketing, business development, deal making, strategic alliances, joint ventures, mergers and acquisition, angel, venture capital, private equity, industry analysis, press and media, government professionals and regulators, please send your participation interest with your name, title, company / organizational affiliation, address, phone, email, Skype ID, twitter ID and type of interest in the SUBJECT TITLE and body of the email.
  • If you are a subject matter expert and interested in speaking, please send the talk title, abstract and professional profile along with other contact information with "Speaker" in the SUBJECT TITTLE and also in the body of the email.
  • If you are interested in attending as a VIP delegate, with special interest in joint venture or funding, please make sure to expressly mention that you are a VIP Corporate Delegate or a Financing Company in the subject title and also in the body of the email.
  • Please send emails to bigdataexpert@gmail.com
  • You may also connect with me on Skype ID: drkrsmurthy or call me on  (408)-464-3333

The citizens of the world today are producing more data than ever in the history. Without consciously thinking about it, their mobile handsets, their bank and credit card type transactions, while at home, driving around and even their very homes are producing “big data”. We do not speak of giga or terra anymore, already in peta, and soon exa and in the upcoming years zetta and much larger numbers of bytes of data. Please note that each of these measures of data are progressively 1000 times the previous.

There is inflation or explosion of data volumes, and we have recently crossed inflexion point or the cusp of this unprecedented and accelerated growth of data. As a futurist, Dr. KRS Murthy professes that (big) data will be the new international currency, with various big data bartering, trading and swaps becoming a common thing of the upcoming years.

Big data is a 'gigantic creature' that seems to grow with unending appetite. Big data technology in different market verticals aims to tame this 'creature' and even domesticate to use it as a tool to make predictions and find the most critical and actionable items of intelligence.

Increasingly, this must be accomplished in near-real time and the information must be packaged in a format capable of being shared with all other pertinent parties. The result is that sensor, computer and communication technologies are being strained beyond capacity to keep pace with current and future information management and analysis needs. ‘Big Data’ tools, techniques, and technologies seek to provide the means to analyze exploit and share conclusions drawn from this seemingly overwhelming information load.

Global Big Data Summit

         Conference Chair: Dr. KRS Murthy
         Conference Committee: Industry Experts from different countries
         Inter Government Committee: Government Leaders
         Host Country Committees: Various for event organization and sponsorship

The Global big data summit brings together the key government and industry experts who are shaping the direction of big data research and development, especially to launch many countries on par with other countries in other continents, leveraging the most important equalizer: Knowledge Economy.

Attendees and Delegates: Countries of the world
Attendance Budget
·         Target total attendance 500 or more for open plenary
·         Between 50 to 100 for special parallel sessions
·         Between 25 to 50 companies in parallel private sessions for business and technology alliances and MoU, Joint Ventures (JV) & Contracts
·         Closed door inter government leaders caucus – Parallel Sessions

The summit will address the following example / suggested topics:
·         What is the unique business opportunity in big data?
·         The different big data functional and market verticals – How to prioritize?
·         What are the latest needs and initiatives in big data?
·         How is big data analytics being applied to Information sharing, fusion, video analytics, atmospherics, identity, biometrics, and a whole range of other critical mission applications?
·         What role are new tools, techniques, and technologies – predictive analytics, cloud computing, metadata, etc. – playing in making big data analytics a reality?
·         What are the future challenges and opportunities?
·         What role(s) can different countries play?
·         Potential Mergers and Acquisition Scenarios

Strategic Focus Areas
·         Leading Big Data Experts will examine various aspects including:
·         Role of Governments in Big Data: National and International Strategy, Policy, Plans and Initiatives
·         National and International Big Data Strategy and Identification of High-Value Missions and Applications
·         Big Data Related Compliance, Regulations and Vulnerabilities
·         Building in Flexibility, Scalability, Privacy and Security Issues and Solutions
·         Need for Private Cloud Services and Government Managed Cloud for Big Data
·         The Latest Tools and Technologies – Predictive Analytics, Semantics, Sentiment Analysis, Causal Analysis, Cloud, Metadata, etc.
·         Big Data Analysis Implementation: Collection, Processing, Management and Dissemination Strategies and Techniques
·         Big Data Analysis in the Enterprise Architecture
·         Big Data in Different Verticals
·         Big Data Education and Training: In Colleges and Universities, Private Training Companies, Nationally Funded Work Force Training Programs, Tuition Assistance and Scholarships
·         National Competitiveness in Big Data
·         National and Regional Centers of Excellence.
·         National and International Angel, Venture and Private Equity Opportunities
·         How should governments provide funding and financial stimulus to big data industry covering start up, small, medium and large companies.
·         Government Models for Involvement as a Enabler or Catalyst in Big Data industry Capability and Growth

Conference Format
·         Half Day Plenary and Open Sessions – large group of attendees representing the governments, industry leaders, business financing companies, academicians, youth entrepreneurs and scholars.
·         Special parallel sessions to address business and technology alliances, training and recruitment, offshoring opportunities and government leadership roles to empower the businesses and technologists.
·         MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and other contractual agreements in private sessions.
·         Evening networking, gala dinner event and presentation by visionary leaders.
·         International business delegation tours to local industries
·         Company Exhibits and Country Showcase Pavilions

Business Delegations, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Investors
·         Two to Three days of Business Collaboration and Joint Venture Opportunities, Connections & deals
·         Pre-qualified & Screened Attendees Ensure the Best Opportunities for Meaningful Connections
·         Executive Level and Secure Online Deal Rooms to Expedite the Exchange of Confidential Information
·         Pre-Summit Web Conferences to Prepare Participating Executives Result Oriented Presentations
·         Delight Filled and Relaxed Ambiance in Networking Enclaves for VIP Attendees for Deal Making
·         Legal and Finance Consultants will be available, as needed

Founders, Chairman, Managing Partners / CEO, Managing Directors, Principals, Presidents, VPs, COOs, CFOs


Dr. KRS Murthy
CEO, Big Data Experts and I3 World
 (408)-464-3333     Skype ID:  drkrsmurthy   Twitter:  bigdataexpert


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